DIY Scallop Furniture

I LOVE how this turned out! my plain white bookcase really needed some sprucing up. I went with a very retro but bold theme and used scallops and stripes.

Supplies needed:
A Piece of Furniture (obviously)
A Skinny Sharpie color of your choice
A Fat Sharpie color of your choice
Wall paint
A Scallop Stencil (see below)

1. You can make a scallop stencil by printing out a picture of scalloping on card-stock (like the one above). Then cutting out the top half right above the scallops.

2. Wall paint the surface of the furniture you want to scallop. I painted random stripes of different paint colors on to go with the rest of my room.

3. Use a thin sharpie to outline the scallop stencil

(PS ridiculously proud of this picture!)

4. Use a thick marker to go over the outlined scallop shape. You can chose your preferable thickness and smooth out any mishaps you may have had with the stenciling.

5. And your done, so so easy and it turns out looking great!

On a side note, look how much better my photography is for this post! It's still not where I want it to be, but it's getting better with practice!!!!

What have you used Sharpies to create?

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