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Ok, so far I haven't made this blog very personal, frankly because it's scary for me to think of my personal feelings out on the internet for anyone to judge. I am still developing what exactly I want my blog to be, and I love reading about other bloggers personal thoughts and feelings. So, today (since it's words of wisdom Wednesday) I am just going to go for it.

I flip-flop constantly about the way I feel about my blog. Sometimes I think it's perfect. It's a representation of me, I love the design, and there is a specific audience out there that finds my content relevant. Other times I feel the exact opposite. Especially when I compare my blog to all the other blogs out there, its content seems scatter, its design inadequate, and I especially get myself down about the quality of what I write (seriously I have always struggled with spelling and grammar.)

This situation is not to unlike what I face in the real world. Sometimes, I get caught up in all the ways I could become really successful and all the things I could accomplish after school. Yet, I still feel like I don't have a definite direction. I recently have made some pretty risky moves that I think have paid off because I am more happy, but the social circle I am constantly in doesn't. This is the social circle that thinks the only path in life in some variation of feeder school-prep school- top tier university- top tier fraternity/sorority- medical school/law school/ masters. I feel like I am constantly judged when all I can really say about my future is I really don't know yet.

In reality, I think my blog and my life probably fall somewhere between the good and bad extremes I have laid out. More importantly, I have been trying to waste less time about what other people are thinking about me and what they are doing better than I am. Instead, I am trying to embrace what makes me happy and is important to me. My blog and my plans for the future are still very young. They both will grow, change, and get better with time.

What are your personal/blog goals for the future? What did you think of my more personal blog post?

PS- my favorite kind of blogs to follow are the new kind, leave your blog address in the comments so we can connect.

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