How to Find Adventure

Basically, right now, I am trying to actively do new things. If your looking for some more adventure I think you should try it too. I don't know what doing these things will lead to, but that is kind of the point of adventure isn't it?
Here are some of my current goals:

I think would either be really good or really bad at photography. On one hand it requires an artist eye, on the other its still a technical skill. I am in constant awe of the photos I find on pinterest, to be able to take a photo even close to those would be amazing.

I was researching summer classes at various universities close to my home and came upon a typography class. Its just sounds so interesting. Did you know Steve Jobs was greatly influenced by calligraphy and typography?

Kyoto, Japan

I've spent some time out of the country before. Talk about adventure. The thing I love about travel is how it expands my thinking. Its actually has given me an advantage in school because I had experienced different cultures. Also, it has given me more independence. There are so many places in the world I have yet to see.

I started this blog to practice writing. Language skills don't come naturally to me, but practice is helping me. Its so valuable to be able to accurately record thought and ideas.

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