I found out about Kline sketchbooks on Kickstarter so they technically haven't came out on the market yet, (That's the problem with Kickstarter, you fall in love with a project that is funded and over, and you have to wait at least a year to buy the product. I am just not that patient.) but when they do sign me up for one! I've been sketching so much lately and could definitely use a better sketchbook. I think its genius how the layered different materials together to form one sketchbook. It would work well for any designer, illustrator, or if you're like me which means usually making a messy scratchy first sketch then using tracing paper to draw out the final image.

Check out there website and watch their kickstarter video to find out more about the sketchbook-
http://www.klinenyc.com/ .

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  1. Anonymous18.6.13

    These are amazing..! Thanks for sharing such a great find.




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