Emphasis on Culture

Notable: this is going to be one of those rare posts that breaks the just phrases/short sentence format.

So, I'm sitting here trying to reformat my resume, but instead thinking how important creative has become for me.

The best way I can describe myself is I care, think, and judge way to much. On a given morning you'll find me in my car on my way to xyz drinking way to much coffee while yelling to myself about all the other idiots I am stuck in a traffic jam with. If I was a geographical location I would be the East Coast. This afternoon I was talking to my brother about his college plans. What baffles me is that he is totally ok with wherever he ends up. His biggest struggle- choosing a "reach school." I don't mean this is a bad way. He just has less of the urge to be competitive, to keep on pushing. In comparison, my senior year I was in tears like every other day obsessing over essays and applications as is a few words phrased differently would make the difference if I got into a school or not. Because of this,  if my brother was a geographical location he would be the West Coast. [So I am just going to call him West Coast from now on.] On a given morning you can find him sleeping in.

The problem with being so "East Coast" motivated: I psych myself out. I think too much instead of acting. Sometimes I would be so much better off if I just let go.

This sounds easy, but its incredibly hard for me. The only thing that I have found that really solves this is tapping into my creative side. A key part of design and art is not thinking but letting nature takeover. The eye naturally understands the rules of aesthetics. I have this professor that literally says just have fun and play it makes for a much better composition. The creative side of me is less aware of what is acceptable/the norm and way more innovative.

It's OK that I have drive and lean towards a more serious nature. It helps me get things done and set bigger goals. I mean, West Coast needs to get it together with his college apps. But, I am so glad I have a creative side to balance myself with.

So, as for life goals [and what I am currently trying to get across in my resume] I need things that bring creativity into my life. I need art, travel, and innovation.  In short, although I'll probably end up doing something related to economics [that is my major fyi], I need an emphasis on culture.

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  1. Anonymous23.8.13

    Very well put, I think we have alot in common ;)
    I struggled alot with being right and left brained and finding a balance between creativity and what you think you should be doing with your life. I assure you it's a blessing and everything ends up falling into place!


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