How to make gifs

Noteable: Gifs are easily share-able, perfect for advertising or creating buttons on your blog

Point: I teamed up with Handmade Harbour to show how to make pretty and versatile Gifs. If you're here from Handmade Harbour or Totally Tutorials feel free to stick around or subscribe, I post DIY projects weekly. Today will be the technical version. For Part I click here. A guide on how to make a gif that uses a less technical method will be posted about in Part III later this week.

1. Photoshop
2. An already colored image or a digital stamp

To create the "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" gif 's effect:
1. Scan an already color image into your computer or use photoshop to color a digital stamp and add text to an the image
2. Create a duplicate layer
3. In the duplicate layer select the part of the image you want to move (for me it was individual birds) with the marque tool4. click edit>transform>flip horizontally

To create the animation:
1. Click the box in the far left corner that sets what type of project Photoshop is orientated for to motion
2. A bar at the bottom of the screen should appear
3. Click the triangle in the middle of the bar and make sure it is set to create frame animation
4. Click make frame animation and make as many frames as you have image layers
5. Select the first frame then go to the layers section and make sure you can only see the first layer or the layer the animation will start with
6. Select the second frame and the view option for the second layer, the third frame and view the third layer until you have gone through all the frames and layers
7. At the bottom of the animation bar there are options to change the animation to loop forever, one time, and three times, change this option to your preference
8. At the bottom of each frame there is a window to adjust how long each frame plays
9. There is also a play button try clicking it to see how your animation will play
10. To save a version for the web click file>save for the web
11. This will open up a window where you can adjust the size and color of your animation. Adjusting these options will change the size of your gif file, but if your using a digital stamp you really don't need to worry about this since they start out as really small files.
12. When you are done click save and you have made a gif.

Here is a good video on the animation process if you need extra help:

This is my first time doing a more technical DIY. So, if I have left anything out or if you any questions do not hesitate to comment below and ask them.

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