Theme of my life lately: perspective. I don't know why but it seems like whenever I gain something I immediately begin to undervalue it. Instead, I focus on the one job rejection, bad grade, or lost friend. How is happiness ever possible with that kind of thinking? Why is it so easy to let failure be the headlines in life? 

I think it stems from self value. When I evaluate my life I can just as easily find instances where I have rejected or undervalued good friends, internships, boys, and school work.

It's so much easier to strive for things that might not be the best fit for me. For instance, I recently had two internship interviews. One was for a smaller, less prestigious, but more innovative position. The coordinator literally found me through my universities career center and emailed me this position for which the coordinator thought I was a good candidate. I was offered the job pretty much on the spot in the interview. The other was a position I found, and trust me I wanted it. It was for a very corporate well connected company in which I would be at the very bottom. It was impressive going downtown and up nearly to the top of a skyscraper for the interview. But the person that interviewed me was incredibly unprofessional. It was pretty obvious by the end of the interview I wasn't a priority nor would I get the position. I pretty much went straight to my car to cry. 

I pulled myself down about the second interview, even though someone had went out of their way to give me a different opportunity. In this economy someone randomly finding my resume and going out of their way to find a place for me is pretty much a miracle. So I am trying to appreciate those rare (but awesome) people who truly value me and the credentials that they help me attain.

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  1. I really really really (really) like this post. I think you touched on something that I find myself grappling with from time to time -- things I perceive I want, or things I perceive to be one way: I don't, or they're not. Sometimes there's what would actually be good for us, and what we WANT to be good for us. It's sometimes hard to differentiate the two -- or focus on the right one, even if we KNOW it. Anyway. Glad you shared this. :)

    Kate x

  2. I love this post. I think I definitely need to think about perspective more! I often think about what I can't do etc and I tend to undervalue my achievements. So happy I read this I'm going to try and be more positive!!

    Georgia x



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