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It shouldn't come as news that Bansky  Banksy has just finished a month long show in New York. I thought the entire thing was genius. Then again I'm drawn to the street art movement in general these days. Making a passable fake Banksy is definitely on my bucket list. I remember first learning about Banksy before he was so mainstream in a highschool art class. What I love most about him is his capability to capture the emotions of even people who have absolutely no interest in art. Case in point his work "the silence of the lambs":


Banksy even likes freebies. Here is the printable/t-shirt you have to make yourself.

Notable: a show from the leader of street art himself, Banksy it's been fun, see more and listen to the commentary here


  1. I also have been into Banksy before everyone knew about him. Did you see the article http://www.vulture.com/2013/10/saltz-ranking-banksys-nyc-pieces.html ? It was interesting to see someone that doesn't think Banksy is as good as everyone thinks he is.

  2. interesting article... I think Saltz represents the kind of people Banksy tries to make statements about. Both provide an interesting interaction between different view on what classifies as good art. I also think its interesting how some graffiti artist totally reject Banksy classifying him as only a street art. Thanks for the intelligent comment!


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