How to Reflect

Notable: take time to self reflect, take time to remember

I've been drawn to the concept of self reflection lately. These are my favorite I ideas to add a little self reflection to an everyday schedule.

1. One Line a Day Journal. This is an easier way to keep track of thoughts. I like that it's not much of a commitment. I tend to be fickle about long term projects. Only having one line forces a choice of the most important thought or idea. Simplifying down thoughts and ideas is a great benefit of self reflection.

2. A Self Portrait a Day. I love this idea.
Jeff Harris took on the project and got incredible results:

If you need motivation stay with the project Flickr has a daily portrait group and Bonnie from A Compass Rose has a weekly self portrait linkup.

3.Thought and Sketch Diary. It's basically just keeping a journal but the guide has great ideas. I've actually been able to start this and keep it going. I also like to include little sketches and patterns in mine.

Check out How to Make Your Life Seem Longer by Aaron Lewis on Snapguide.

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  1. i have the "line a day" diary but have yet to use it - thank you for the reminder! :)


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