It's official I'm on Instagram (check it out here). I finally caved. I was holding out, because I knew something so visual would be all too addicting. Unfortunately, I was right.

There are a few things I absolutely hate about Instagram. So here I promise to never ever do them.

1. Coffee pictures (especially name misspellings from Starbucks)

2. Shoe pictures

3. Mirror Selfies

4. Pictures of children (asking for trouble here or any where else on the internet)

5. Pictures from giveaways (I love giveaways, but on instagram? Obnoxious)

I'm curious what are your instagram don'ts? I'm also looking for cool accounts to follow. Have any recommendations?


  1. I started following you! :)

    I have a weird relationship with Instagram hashtags, since I find them obtrusive and awkward-looking; but ever since I handled a magazine's Instagram for my internship, I began to see their point. But for the love of all good things, please don't post your every meal. Hahaha.

  2. I have a pretty good instagram :) I also love Lisa Congdon's instagram. What drives me crazy is when people post all their pictures in a row with in 1 minute... drives me crazy.


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