It's official. I'm moving my blog to www.artpoliticslife.com !

I'm excited. Creatively I knew it was time for a change. Sorry it took so long. There was a definite learning curve since I switched to Wordpress. I guess I never fully appreciated blogger! Working through a completely new layout was a challenge. Then I got really busy with stressful not very exciting life stuff. Regardless, I feel really good about the direction the blog is going in. I'm trying to focus in on the visual and breakout of the standard blog post. I'm still trying to work around some issues mostly with load time and pluggins, but I feel like its ready to share. If you follow me on bloglovin' you should be transferred soon. Everything here will remain as an archive. Please stop by at www.artpoliticslife.com !



It's official I'm on Instagram (check it out here). I finally caved. I was holding out, because I knew something so visual would be all too addicting. Unfortunately, I was right.

There are a few things I absolutely hate about Instagram. So here I promise to never ever do them.

1. Coffee pictures (especially name misspellings from Starbucks)

2. Shoe pictures

3. Mirror Selfies

4. Pictures of children (asking for trouble here or any where else on the internet)

5. Pictures from giveaways (I love giveaways, but on instagram? Obnoxious)

I'm curious what are your instagram don'ts? I'm also looking for cool accounts to follow. Have any recommendations?