DIY Furniture Painting

Ok I'm going to be honest here. This DIY is the short cut way of painting furniture. This means its not perfectly done and is definitely meant for pieces that don't get so much everyday use. Moreover, if you want to try this, please don't go out and paint your most valuable piece of furniture that you already love even without paint. I decided to paint my nightstand which I literally picked up off the street. It was in desperate need of a fix-up. I think the paint job brought out more of its true character. Like I mentioned before everyone needs color.

When painting Furniture try to keep these things in mind:

1. Preparation- Sand your furniture this will help it absorb more paint. Also be sure to give in a good cleaning before you paint you don't want dust or hair to get permanently trapped in the paint.

2. Use a clean quality bristle brush, like this one, to get a better result.

3. Pay attention to the type of paint you buy, as different types of paint will give you different finishes and results. I used wall paint . Also consider the amount of paint you need. Its not like painting a wall, you really don't need that much paint. Sample size paint work really well and a lower cost options.

4. Don't be afraid to experiment. You probably already hate the furniture in its original color, so how could it possible get worse. Try different finishes or even aging techniques

 Here's how my nightstand turned out:
The night stand was originally white washed. The colors I used were: Ocean Depths, Celestial Blue, and Transit Pass which are all colors from Pantone inspired paint.

If you want to get more serious about furniture painting, I would suggest reading this book. Of course, with practice you will get better results.

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