How to add color to your house

My home improvement mode right now is set on high. I mean way high. This combined with the fact that I have a very very low budget has led to some more creative ideas. The biggest idea I can stress is that on a low budget paint is you very best friend.

My current obsession  Dark ceilings. I don't know if I have the time right now but they just make the best unexpected statement without being to crazy. I think they look best in rooms with white crown molding or a tilted plain ceiling, but really dark ceilings could be pulled off in many rooms.

Obviously wood ceilings are optimal if you have the cash for remodeling or are moving. But, simply painting a normal ceiling has great results too.

Crown molding+ dark color= stunning elegance

Even on a simple ceiling the concept works well.


Extend the ceiling paint to the walls by a couple of inches. I love how this adds so much color to a white room, but takes less actual painting time.

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