Klimt, Klimt, KLIMT

I am usually pretty accepting of all sorts of art. But, if there is one artistic style I a bias towards its Klimt's. Maybe its just me, but when I look at one of his paintings something in me just sparks. The way he manages to use both color and pattern in a bold way to convey very realistic feeling is just perfection.

File:Gustav Klimt 016.jpg

My first tip on anything  design related: Add Klimt. Anything inspired by what he painted works.

Like this fabric:

Blue Klimt-style Cotton Print Fabric by Terri Mangat--One Yard

Or a print of one of his paintings like this one

In my opinion, every home simply has to has something related to Klimt's work in it. Whether it be represented in prints of his actual work, similar colors to the ones he used, or similar patterns to the ones he is iconic for, Klimt just makes for a well designed home.

Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918) Garden Path with Chickens Oil on canvas, 1916 110 × 110 cm (43.3 × 43.3 in) Destroyed Vienna

Basically,Klimt is one of my favorite artist. Can't you tell?

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