Notable: with the start of a new semester comes goals,  why not blogging goals too?

1.Quality over quantity. Expect less posts (because I want to focus on posting better quality and will be much busier this semester). As always I am trying to improve+grow my blogging skills.

2.Get out there. I want to explore art locally. It's way to easy to rely on the internet.

3.More from me. I've tried a few posts where I produced the art (like this one). I love the creative challenge. Expect more.

4. Unique and unified. I'm in the process of updating my other social media outlets. Expect each one to have a unique function yet relate back to ART+POLITICS+Life.


  1. That's a great start with goals! I love #2. It's always a good thing to go around and visit places. You just never where inspirations strikes and hey, you'll never know all the good things that could come out from it. Good luck with your goals! :) I'm looking forward to #3.

  2. I love #4. I can relate, I have been doing the same thing. I may keep my Facebook separate (or at least not re-brand like the others) but I have also been slowly trying to transition everything to be able to relate back to my blog. Exploring local art is awesome too, and will be a big contribution toward the quality content you wanted. Everyone loves pictures!

  3. I'm facing a similar thing as the semester start draws near! All the best with these goals -- 100% attainable. :)

    Kate x


  4. Thanks guys for your encouraging words about improving! It always makes my day when you stop by.


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