The selfie

Honestly, I kind of hate the fact that some people find the need to upload thousands of picture of themselves to social networking sites. However, really like this perspective on "selfies."

Self portraits are actually pretty amazing. To create one the artist has to be honest with themselves. When I first tried to paint one it was incredibly difficult. I wanted to make myself perfect. I knew I would be lying to myself and that pretty much defeats the point of a self portrait. Eventually, any artist has to come to term with there imperfections. It's kind of a scary thing to do. But, as I discovered, there is an incredible amount of beauty in those flaws. 

Here are some of my favorite self portraits available on Etsy. Click on them to go to the sellers store.

Vivienne -portrait painting  - original gouache painting - portrait - fine art - custom portrait

Self Portrait (Original Painting)

Self Portrait Photography 8x12 Print "More Lost Children", by Brittanie Pendleton

Self Portrait - 7.5 x 12 inch (on 13 x 16 inch paper) hand-pulled etching print by Silke Powers

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