DIY Fabric Flowers, How do you make a fabric flower?

So, this DIY is really inspired by heartmade (one of my favorite blogs). I loved it so much when I found it on pinterest I had to try it. It definitely matches the bold and colorful pieces already in my room.

I did a few things differently...

1. I made my flowers bigger using a cup's mouth as a stencil.

2. I made so many flowers that it made sense to use hot glue instead of a needle and thread. Hot glue ended up working really well.

3.To hang the garland I used pushpins. They haven't come out and it's much easier than installing hooks. 

(yes that picture is a Klimt print, every house should have one)
4. To make more of a statement backdrop (hello I'm all about the statement!) I hung the garland vertically.

Also, look at these pictures!!! I am definitely getting better with a point and shoot and gimp. And I am officially in love with Macro Photography!

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